SuOn Academy is now official test center for SAT, AP, IELTS and Cambridge Assessment.

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Good news! SuOn Academy is now the official SAT test center! From then on, SuOn students can take part in all the standardized tests required to apply for prestigious schools and majors without leaving their dorms. The establishment of these standardized test centers has undoubtedly provided more convenience for SuOn students to enter world-renowned schools.

The SAT, also known as the “American College Entrance Exam”, is a standardized, written test of the academic ability level of high school graduates sponsored by the College Board. Its performance is an important reference index of academic ability for high school graduates from all over the world to apply for admission qualifications and scholarships to American higher education institutions. There will be three SAT tests at SuOn Academy, which are on 8.27/8.28, 10.1/2, and 11.3/4 in the year 2022. Students who need it can consult with their counselors for registration.