Mission Statement

SuOn Academy promotes academic excellence while nurturing young people to live and think independently so that they can thrive and succeed as responsible, respectful citizens in a changing world.

SuOn Academy fulfills its mission by providing programs and services to our students that VALUE:














When parents send their children overseas to study and live, they want to know that there are adults in Canada who will take care of them in all aspects of their lives and ensure their safety. To provide this TOTAL CARE, SuOn Academy provides:

  • An airport reception service and orientation session for all students arriving in Canada. This includes helping them to set up bank accounts/cell phone service and navigating public transit in Toronto.
  • Dorm check-in security system and monitoring system
  • 24/7 supervision in the student dorm by SuOn Staff.
  • Support to find a homestay if that is the option that students wish.
  • Meals provided each day in the student dorm and lunches in the school cafeteria.
  • Busing for students each day to and from the school.
  • Medical insurance, total care, and leaving home to home.
  • A counselling staff that provides a higher level of support than any other school. These counsellors communicate regularly with parents, they work with school’s staff to support students’ academic progress, they assist with university applications and they provide guidance and guardianship to our students in all aspects of their lives.
  • A Master Teacher program in which Master Teachers and counsellor work together to provide guidance and mentorship to our students.
  • Policies and procedures that are in place to ensure excellent attendance in school and in study hall.

Students are coming to SIA to earn an Ontario diploma that will give them access to the best universities in Canada and internationally. Our most important role is to provide our students with an outstanding academic program so that they will be successful in their future studies. To promote ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, SuOn Academy offers

  • Courses based on the Ontario curriculum, a curriculum that is recognized by top Canadian and international universities for entrance to their programs.
  • An educational environment in which English is the language of instruction and learning.
  • Teachers who are highly qualified and certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.
  • A wide range of courses to meet all students’ university entrance requirements.
  • University preparation coursesAPso that students are well prepared for their university academic experience.
  • ESL courses so that students can build their English skills before taking academic courses.
  • Regular professional development for teachers and staff to stay up-to-date on best practices.
  • A study hall each evening during the week so that students have a supervised environment in which to complete schoolwork and to study.
  • A student tutor program in which high achieving students are able to offer support for others.
  • Opportunities to participate in provincial and national academic contests in areas such as math, computing, physics, business, and sciences, and teacher coaching in preparation for these contests.
  • IELTS and English language development training to develop their English skills and prepare them for English language proficiency testing that is required for university entrance.
  • IELTS testing at our student residence location.
  • Local access to SAT test centres.

In order to live in another country and to be successful in their university studies, students must become independent in all aspects of their lives. This includes taking responsibility for their own learning as well as being able to live on their own and to take care of themselves. SIA provides support and programs so that students can develop this independence that will help them to develop this independence. These include:

  • A supportive classroom environment in which students can get accustomed to teaching and learning methods that are commonly used in universities.
  • Teachers that are concerned not only for our students’ academic progress but their emotional and social development as well.
  • Counsellors and other staff who help students to learn how to function independently in school and in their lives outside of school.
  • Accommodation in residence dorms – just like the students will experience at university. This teaches the students what residence living is like and the responsibilities need to take.
  • Opportunities for students, through clubs and other initiatives, to demonstrate and develop organizational and leadership skills.
  • Opportunities for students to visit university campuses in Ontario and beyond so that they can explore their post-secondary options.
  • Visits from Canadian and US universities to our campus so that students can be provided with information about schools and programs in order to help them to make decisions regarding their university applications.
  • Providing all students with a school planner that is used in all classes to develop their organization and planning skills that will help them to be increasingly responsible and independent.

Our students are studying in a foreign country and there is a possibility that they may work in another country in their future. SuOn Academy has a responsibility to educate our students so that they are able to live and work productively in a culturally diverse environment in which they can contribute as responsible citizens. To promote this GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP at SuOn, students will:

  • Participate in school and social events that increase their understanding of Canadian multicultural society.
  • Be educated as part of the curriculum in how to be responsible global citizens and why this is important.
  • Have experiential opportunities to demonstrate global citizenship. For example, they will participate in the school’s waste recycling program.
  • Participate in club activities in an after-school program to explore their interests in other activities.
  • Be given opportunities through clubs and other school events to develop their leadership abilities.

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