Welcome to SuOn Academy

It is with great excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the Principal of SuOn Academy.  SuOn Academy has a great tradition of academic excellence.  It is my privilege to lead and carry forward the excellence of SuOn Academy.

Our school’s mission is to provide you with the highest quality education and prepare students for their future. The four pillars of SuOn’s Mission Statement are: Academic Excellence, Total Care, Independence and Global Citizenship.  Our students will be well supported by our teachers, administration, and support staff. Our teachers have the highest respect for students and parents. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects, motivating students, and making a difference in their lives.  Relationships and interactions between students and teachers are positive, and characterized by mutual respect.

I believe that educating our children is a partnership between the students, their parents, their teachers and their community.  I encourage all stakeholders to collaborate and be involved with our school to create a wonderful and memorable learning experience.  As students, your high academic achievement will be met through hard work, motivation, persistence, and self-confidence. You must challenge yourself academically and personally. At SuOn Academy, education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge and skills; it is about respect, dignity, and compassion and belief in yourself and others.  As your principal, I will support and guide you in your personal and academic challenges. We welcome your energy and talents to our school community.

As parents, your commitment and involvement is essential to the academic and personal success of your child. Students are more likely to be motivated and successful when you are actively engaged in supporting them. Together we can graduate responsible and productive global citizens with strong critical thinking and academic skills.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the great students, families, teachers and all staff that call SuOn home.

Principal of SuOn Academy

Ian Botnick


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