Ontario Secondary School Curriculum


The province of Ontario is the most developed and educated province in Canada. More than half of the top 20 universities in Canada are located in Ontario. The Ontario secondary school curriculum is a well-designed curriculum that emphasizes high academic standards. Its education system is recognized worldwide. The characters and advantages are:

Flexible course selection. In addition of completing compulsory credits that are required by Ontario Ministry of Education, students can pick various selective courses depending on their individual interests.

Various assessment evaluation factors instead of one-time exam. The overall score of each course consists of unit tests, mid-term test, final test, homework, group assignments, research paper, and presentations, and is calculated by weighted average method. This assessment model can give students maximum chance. Students do not totally loss a chance to win a top score in case of occasional disorders in assessment. This model also encourages students to work hard normally so that prepares a solid foundation.

One course has various levels for different students’ abilities and targets in order to multi-level teaching. For example, English has diverse levels including ENG4U (Grade 12 English), ENG3U (Grade 11 English), ESLEO (ESL level E), ESLDO (ESL level D), ESLCO (ESL level C), and ESLBO (ESL level B). Therefore, students can set up a feasible study plan.

Concentrate on training of learning skills, practical skills, team work, expression and experiential learning. Teaching process is an interaction between teachers and students. Teachers frequently assign after-school reading materials, and require students to do research. Dividing students into different groups is normal in many classroom activities. Each group select a specific topic and does research paper and presentation. This kind of teaching methods cultivate students’ self-study skill and problem-solved skill instead of pumping knowledge from teachers to students.

Concentrate on commitment and responsibility in community. Many courses relate to focus on local communities and social development. For example, these courses are Grade 10 Civic (CHV2O), Grade 12 Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4M), Grade 12 Environmental Resource Management (CGR4M), and Grade 12 Human Growth and Development. Meanwhile, Ontario Ministry of Education sets a minimum of 40-hours community involvement as one of graduation requirements from secondary school education.

Ontario secondary school curriculum is highly recognized in the world, especially in Commonwealth of Nations. It is most favourable for university applications. For example, students who meet academic performance requirements and graduate from Ontario secondary school can avoid university preparation program. 

Courses at SuOn

English English ENG1D 9 1
English ENG2D 10 1
English ENG3U 11 1
English ENG4U 12 1
English As Second Language ESLAO; ESLBO; ESLCO; ESLDO; ESLEO 10-12 1
Presentation and Speaking Skills EPS3O 11 1
The Writer's Craft English EWC4U 12 1
Mathematics Principles of Mathematics MPM1D 9 1
Principles of Mathematics MPM2D 10 1
Functions MCR3U 11 1
Functions MHF4U 12 1
Calculus & Vectors MCV4U 12 1
AP Calculus AP Calculus 12 1
Data Management MDM4U 12 1
Art Drama ADA1O 9 1
Drama ADA2O 10 1
Drama ADA3M 11 1
Visual Arts AVI3M 11 1
Visual Arts AVI4M 12 1
Science Science SNC1D 9 1
Science SNC2D 10 1
Physics SPH3U 11 1
Physics SPH4U 12 1
Chemistry SCH3U 11 1
Chemistry SCH4U 12 1
Biology SBI3U 11 1
Biology SBI4U 12 1
General Science SNC3M 11 1
General Science SNC4M 12 1
Business Introduction to Business BBI1O 9 1
Introduction to Business BBI2O 10 1
Financial Accounting Fundamentals BAF3M 11 1
Financial Accounting Fundamentals BAT4M 12 1
International Business BBB4M 12 1
Business Leadership BOH4M 12 1
Social Science & Humanities Raising Healthy Children HPC3O 11 1
Food and Nutrition HFN1O 9 1
Food and Nutrition HFN2O 10 1
Food and Culture HFC3M 11 1
Nutrition and Health HFA4M 12 1
Human Development throughout the Lifespan HHG4M 12 1
Challenge and Change in Society HSB4M 12 1
Canada & Global Studies Canadian Geography CGC1D 9 1
Civics and Citizenship CHV2O 10 0.5
Canadian History since World War 1 CHC2D 10 1
Forces of nature: Physical processes and disasters CGF3M 11 1
World history to the end of the Fifteenth Century CHW3M 11 1
World History since the Fifteenth Century CHY4U 12 1
Canada: History, Identity, and Culture CHI4U 12 1
Analyzing Current Economic Issues CIA4U 12 1
Canadian and World Issues CGW4U 12 1
The Environment and Resource Management CGR4M 12 1
Computer Science Introduction to Computer Studies ICS2O 10 1
Introduction to Computer Science ICS3U 11 1
Introduction to Computer Science ICS4U 12 1
Health & physical education Healthy Active Living Education PPL1O 9 1
Healthy Active Living Education PPL2O 10 1
Healthy Active Living Education PPL3O 11 1
Career Development Career Studies GLC2O 10 0.5

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Advantages

The Canadian Education System is regularly ranked number one in the world for international students. Canada’s education system does not have any centralized governance, instead the education system is the responsibility of each individual province. As a result of this there are some vast differences between education systems in each province.

The main advantage conferred by obtaining the OSSD is access to the best university and college programs in Ontario and the rest of Canada. Most post-secondary education institutions will require a valid and complete OSSD to consider application into their programs.

The mission of SuOn is to inspire students to improve their lives and expand their horizon through a lifelong commitment to learning, by empowering students to achieve their academic potential,  to build self-confidence, and to develop a global vision which embraces cultural differences and promotes cultural exchanges.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

30 credits (18 compulsory + 12 elective)

40 hours of community service

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

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