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校长Ms.Maria Pereira


Congratulations to our wonderful class of 2021. We are here today to celebrate yourachievements and your success. You are truly an exceptional group ofyoung men and women.

A special welcome to our parents, grandparents, teachers, counsellors, and distinguished guests who have joined us today to celebrate this milestone.

This year was an unprecedented year full of numerous challenges. You left your homeland of China, your family, and immersed yourself in another country, another language, and a different culture. Due to the pandemic you also felt anxiety, fear, confusion, and a loss. You survived one of the most challenging situates in global history.

While the pandemic took a few things from you, it has also given you the opportunity to highlight what is important in life—–family, a good education, your health, and your friends. Your hard work, determination, persistence, and optimism has brought you to the finish line today. The year has taught you how to take control of your health and your life.

I want to thank our parents for the many sacrifice you have made to give your sons and daughters the best gift in life, their education. We thank you for setting up classrooms in your home and inviting our teachers to teach their lessons virtually. Your love and support has been the backbone of your children’s success. Behind every successful student there is a loving, caring, parent.

We thank our teachers and support staff who went from interacting and engaging with students in person to communicate with a square box on the computer screen. Thank you for changing your teaching methodology overnight. You were able to overcome many obstacles successfully. You and your students have realised the importance of the human connection in class. I thank you for the support and encouragement you gave our students throughout this most difficult year. Thank you for taking life’s challenges and turning them into growth experiences.

As the class of 2021 you have made China and Canada proud of you. You have now met all the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.Congratulations graduating class of 2021! You are now ready for another life-changing experience at university. When you arrive at your next destination remember to always be proud of who you are, and where you come from. Always respect yourself, those who are different than you, and hold different opinions. You will be the change makers, the innovators, the bridge makers.

I want you always to be happy, stay safe, and work hard to achieve your success. It has been my honour to serve you and your parents at SuOn Academy. I will miss you !








希望你们永远快乐,保持安全,努力学习以取得成功。我很荣幸在苏安高中为你们和你们的父母服务。我会想你们的 !


副校长Ms. Kyi Sintmuang


This school year was one of the most challenging for all of us. It has tested our strength, our patience, and our perseverance. It has also taught usmany things: to appreciate our family and friends, and to be thankful for all that we have, including the opportunity to be able to study and learn, something that isn’t easily accessible to everyoneespecially during times like this. Gradates, you are so fortunate and lucky to have the support of your family., friends, teachers, counsellors, and everyone at SuOn Academy. We continue to support and advocate for you and your success. You have also worked hard and you should be proud of all your accomplishments. I hope that you continue to look back over these challenging times as opportunities to learn and grow: remember that there will be times when you will fly high and times when you will fall and have to find your inner strength to pick yourself back up. After all, life is a great balancing act with good moments and not so good moments. Remember to always  work hard,create memories that bring you joy, and make choices that are ethical, and for the betterment of the greater global community so that your future is stronger, kinder, and more compassionate.